BAQ 2018


Day 1
12 Nov 2018
Day 2
13 Nov 2018
Day 3
14 Nov 2018
Day 4
15 Nov 2018
Day 5
16 Nov 2018


Air Quality and Climate Change

  • Air Pollution and Health: Translating Science and Trends to Steer Action
  • Keeping Up with SLCPs: Moving Forward to Mitigate SLCPs Emissions
  • Beyond Borders: Strengthening Regional Action to Address Transboundary Air Pollution
  • Controlling and Managing Air Pollution from Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Clean Air Starts at Home: Keeping the Indoor Air we Breathe Clean
  • Innovative Solutions to Fill Gaps in Air Quality Data

Clean Energy for Better Air Quality

  • Global Energy Demand and Air Pollution
  • The Clean Energy Revolution and its Promise of Better Air Quality
  • Future Fuels and Vehicles: Advancing Clean Fuels and Vehicles in Asia
  • Building Momentum in Improving Automotive Fuel Economy in Asia
  • Waste Not: GHG Mitigation Opportunities from Waste Management
  • Cleaner Energy Dialogue

City Solutions for Clean Air

  • Sustainable Cities, Clean Air Cities
  • Future Cities: Developing Sustainable Urban Areas in Asia
  • City Solutions and Best Practices to Address Stationary, Mobile, and Area Sources of Air Pollution
  • Cities for Clean Air Certification: Engaging Cities to Take Transformative Action
  • City Connect (Networking)

Special Sessions

  • Media for Better Air Quality
  • China Day: Sharing China’s Experiences in Air Quality Management
  • Air Quality Challenges and Opportunities for South Asia/SAARC
  • Education and Youth for Clean Air