1. Electronic files in either PowerPoint or PDF format must be submitted in the Speaker’s Support Room at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching. No other audio-visual medium (e.g., slide, video, or overhead) or software is allowed. All presentations must run on Windows operating system.
  2. Name your presentation file with date_weekday_your session room number_first two words of Title_ author’s last name.
    e.g., November 13_Monday_101_A Study_Lee.
  3. If you bring your presentation on a USB drive to the Speaker’s Support Room, the drive should be PC-formatted.
  4. Please note that internet access is not provided on the presentation computers in the meeting rooms. All presentation content must be able to run from the computer provided.
  5. You are required to check in on-site at Speaker’s Support Room at least 24 hours before your presentation. If you are attending the conference only on the day of your session, you should still come to the Speaker’s Support Room as early as possible. Please make every effort to finalize your presentation for morning sessions by 1700 the day before and for afternoon sessions by 1130 that day.
  6. Speaker presentations (in PDF) will be made available online in the BAQ 2018 website ( Please let us know if you prefer not to make your presentation available for other participants to download.
  7. Important Reminder: Personal laptops CANNOT be used in meeting rooms while giving your presentation.
  8. Be considerate of other speakers and the audience by keeping within your allotted presentation time.
  9. Please limit your presentation to a maximum of 8 slides and make sure to limit to ONLY 1 slide program descriptions and/or introduction of your organizations and focus more on substance of the topic that you are presenting. Kindly note that your presentation is limited to 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for Q&A.